Capstone Experience

    One of the exciting things NJIT has to offer the business and academic community is its Capstone Experience. The College Of Computing Sciences at NJIT started the Capstone Experience in the fall of 2002, mandating that all seniors majoring in computer science, information systems and information technology complete a semester-long project. Now our capstone experience has evolved to offer access to university-wide human resources including students from five university colleges, graduate students and even using the help of senior high school students. Working in teams of four to six, interdisciplinary student teams analyze, design and implement software and other IT-driven solutions in collaboration with project stakeholders. In addition to in-class training, market-driven capstone Open University sessions, orientation and evolutionary presentation sessions, each student is expected to spend approximately nine hours a week on the project, and many of them travel to their sponsor companies.

Meet the team

Kaushal Patel (KP) - Project Manager - Lead Developer
    KP was a undergraduate at NJIT, a scholar in the Albert Dorman Honors College and majored in Network Security and Administration. He is a very highly motivated and charismatic individual. He enjoys challenging problems because in the end there is always a high reward. His interests include, network security, programming, database design, web development and management of technology. He believes the capstone experience is unlike any other contemporary group project. He enjoyed the course as it introduced him to a project that dealt with real world problems which integrated project management skills and required him to draw upon many resources. He can confidently say that this experience has developed his skills with various technologies in addition to project management understanding.
Dan Rose - Developer
    Daniel majored in Computer Science at NJIT. For Capstone, he worked as a software engineer, helping to design the Property Registration System from the ground up. Dan has a singular ability to take a vision from design to completion, and his strengths of coding PHP and MySQL were a real help for the project. He likes computers, and is always tinkering with either the hardware or software.
David Holl - Developer
    David Holl was an undergraduate of Information Technology at NJIT with a concentration in Web Applications. He joined the Property Registration Team as it fit his educational goals and career interests perfectly and it was a valuable learning experience. He hails from Old Bridge in the New Jersey suburban heartlands with his family and constantly barking dog.